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make things happen!


Here are just a few noteworthy accomplishments.

Food Industry     International

Food Industry:

Using Technology to sell: California Raisins.    When we started working with the California raisin industry, there were two types of breads -- those with and without raisins.  Our mission was to drive new raisin products to the marketplace.  We analyzed the chemical, physical and aesthetic characteristics of the quality raisin and discovered many reasons why the raisin would work well in food products:  The Organic acids in the raisin helped heighten flavors in breads and sauces in lieu of salts and participial flavor enhancers.  Naturally occurring prop ionic acid in the raisin helped slow mold in breads, adding shelf like naturally   We took the information from the labs and communicated through food trade magazines, trade shows and newsletters.  In just two years, the California raisin was used in more than 95 new products, and sales soared!  Manufactures found they could add California raisins, reduce preservatives and additive s and improve the consumer perception of the product naturally!  (case study)

flaxanim.gif (8887 bytes)

Health Benefits to the Marketplace: Canadian Flaxseed. TJPMD has worked with the Flax growers in Canada to help introduce this wonder seed to the US baking and poultry industry. this included formula development, expositions and meetings with food processing companies.  When we started, the shipments were at around 70 metric tons.  today the industry is shipping more than 100,000 metric tons a year to the edible market in the USA and flax is becoming a mainstream item!  


Welcome to the North American Blueberry CouncilTaking blueberries off the charts! TJPMD works with the producers of highbush blueberries in the USA and Canada.  Ten years ago, highbush blueberries were relegated to seasonal fresh sales.  Now, TJPMD has helped the industry develop a health business in the food processing trade, identifying the advantages of the blueberry and sending the message to the largest companies n the world.  The key has been identification of the true health virtues of the blueberry, packaging and sending the message in a believable manner to the opinion leaders at the leading food companies.  Today the highbush blueberry industry is selling the largest crops of blueberries ever at the best prices.  Export markets have soared especially in Japan and Iceland where we are working.  We are picking off new export markets one by one and predict a healthy future for the blueberry industry for years to come.  (current activities)


International:    (under construction)

Asia     Africa     Australia/Oceana      Europe     South America

ASIA    (case studies)

Afghanistan - TJP is working in the Helmand River Valley with the Central Asia Development group to help revitalize the cotton sector.  This includes a test farm, development of an extension system and marketing activities around the world.  (project web)  We are one of the first US firms to work in this area.  

China (PRC) - TJPMD worked with the Almond Board of California to introduce California Almonds to China in 1998.  We set up a promotions network in ten cities nationwide conducting seminars and working with small bakeries.  (case study) TJPMD brought a European trained marzipan expert to China to show the chefs how to make this value added ingredient with relatively inexpensive California almonds.  These seminars helped drive demand for millions of lbs of almonds and now California almonds are a staple in the Chinese baking and confectionery industry.  (case study)

East Timor - TJP is getting ready for market development activities in this new country to capitalize on regional and local connections.  

India - TJP worked on behalf of the Indian government on market research and development for Indian snack foods for the Asian, Eastern European and US Markets.  We also helped the California raisin industry with market recon and research in North and South India.  

Indonesia - TJP worked on 24 different research projects for the Indonesian government for agricultural diversification.  This included items from coconut to tapioca and banana chips.  TJP advised the nation's ministries of trade on small business and trade issues and maintains good relations with Indonesian suppliers and exporters.  

Israel - TJPMD introduced California walnuts to Israel in 1990.  We initiated market research and promotional campaigns including seminars, advertising and other activities.

Japan - TJPMD helped introduce blueberries to Japan.  Spreading information on the health benefits through advertising and promotions to the trade, shipments have gone from 600 metric tons to more than 6,000 in Just five years.

Korea (North) - TJP has been working the northern border of China and north Korea with Chinese firms and is considered an expert in the fledgling North Korean business and economy.  

Korea (South) - Conducted bakery seminars for California walnuts, raisins and other commodities.

Malaysia - TJPMD has worked in Malaysia on behalf of California raisin growers, conducting seminars and presentations to food processors on value added ingredients.  

Oman - TJP conducted market research on the Omani trade of honey for the US producers. 

Pakistan - TJP Conducted market research on the feasibility of US honey imports to Pakistan.  

Russian Far East - TJP has conducted research and marketing activities in the Russian far east including Magadan and Vladiviostok.

Taiwan - TJP has more than 15 years of marketing activity in Taiwan.  This includes introducing California Walnuts, conducting seminars for food processors on California Raisins and our latest activity: introduction and promotion of highbush blueberries.  We know the trade, the players and the markets.

AFRICA  (case studies)

Central African Republic - TJPMD worked on behalf of the World Bank to identify exportable food items from this land locjked Afican country and worked with exporters on startup.

Madagascar - TJPMD worked on behalf of the World Bank to perform a global structural analysis  of the vanilla trade.  This work helped provided information that has helped the industry reform, develop new markets and row worldwide.  We also conducted seminars on export marketing and sales to the Malagasy vanilla producers.  

Mozambique - TJPMD worked on behalf of US AID to perform an analysis of the Mozambique cashew industry. TJPMD traveled to the cashew growing regions, met with producers and prepared analysis and recommendations for market adjustment and development.  

Republic of South Africa - TJPMD hjas worked as an advisor to the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) of South Africa on agricultural issue and matters.  We have assisted the IDC on product analysis, market analysis and development activities of various crops and experimental projects.  



EUROPE  (case study - East Europe)


Bulgaria - 

Czech Republic - 

Croatia - 

Denmark - 

Estonia - TJP orchestrated the first shipment of cut roses from California to Estonia in 1988.  While meeting with an Estonian importer one dark winter day in Helsinki, Tom overheard a comment that Estonians imported substantial amounts of roses from South America, especially on or around their International Women's Day holiday (March 8).  That year they were getting squeezed for higher prices from the lone supplier in Columbia.  Later on that month, Tom met with rose growers in California and discovered that Rose growers in Monterey County geared up substantial production for St. Valentines Day in February, and were perennially stuck with over supply afterwards.  See the picture: two weeks before the Estonian holiday!  TJP worked with the supplier, to arrange roses, transportation to the International airport in San Francisco and onto Tallinn.  We learned the cut flower business rapidly and within a month succeeded in conducting 11 shipments of California roses to Tallinn, Estonia.  To top things off, TJP purchased a full page ad in the daily newspaper in Tallinn announcing the arrival of the first shipment of fresh roses from their friends in the United States!  

Faroe Islands - 

France - 

Germany - 

Greece - 

Hungary - 

Iceland - TJP is one of the only US consultants working in this wonderful Island nation perched half way between North America and Europe.  In 1998 TJP visited Iceland on behalf of the blueberry growers in North America.  The hunch was that since Iceland imported almost all non-fish and dairy food products, that there could be a potential market for air freighted fresh blueberries from the East coast of the USA and Canada.  In addition, our research indicated that Icelanders did share the Scandinavian tradition of picking wild berries in the summer months.  TJP became an instant expert on Iceland, arranged meetings with the major importers and manufacturers and traveled to the Iceland to start up the market.  We fund that the Icelanders were waiting for fresh blueberries and thrilled that anyone from the USA would take the time to visit.  We found that the segmentation of the different store chains i Iceland required different brands of blueberries for each store -- something different than other markets.  We worked with US and Canadian producers to establish different brands for lower to high class and exquisite stores.  We also worked on promotions with the chains.  To top things off we ran daily newspaper advertisements in Morganbladid, DV and Vikin Women's magazine to announce the arrival of the first blueberries from north America!  Today, Iceland imports more than 180metric tons of fresh blueberries per season -- The third leading market for fresh blueberries in the world, and the highest per capita consumption market in the world.  Now we are working on the food processing industry in Iceland which is an ideal target for frozen blueberries!  


Italy - 

Luxembourg - 

Poland - 

Slovakia - 

Slovenia - 

United Kingdom - 



Canada - TJP has worked in the Canadian market for the past 16 years for Canadian firms, and also for US firms entering the Canadian markets.  We are also strong in French Speaking Canada and the Canadian Arctic where we have worked the Inuit people on marketing of Arctic Char to the Far East.  

tom-fidel.JPG (319050 bytes)Cuba - TJP has worked with agriculturalists in Cuba on product assessment and market development.  We are also now working in the island nation on behalf of the California raisin growers.  (yes that is Tom with President Fidel Castro on a recent visit to Cuba).  

Dominica - TJPMD analyzed the potential for export of Dominican food ingredients and visited producers, manufacturers and exporters. 

Honduras - TJPMD worked with USAID and Land O Lakes on the Honduran Dairy project in La Cieba and San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  TJPMD worked with farmers and developed extension activities to help present the project to the constituents and dairy industry.  

Mexico - TJPMD has worked in Mexico for the past 16 years and has extensive contact in the food industry.  We have a ongoing collaboration with a food scientist in Mexico City who assists with translation, marketing and research activities.  We have helped introduce California walnuts and USA processed egg products into Mexico as well as Canadian Flaxseed to the poultry and baking industries.  


Argentina - TJP promoted California walnuts in Venezuela setting up import contacts, and promotional activities.

Bolivia - TJP worked with producers of Quinoa on exportation to the US market.  

Brazil - TJP promoted California walnuts in Brazil  setting up import contacts, and promotional activities.  

Peru - TJP works with growers of specialty chile peppers in the Topara Valley of Southern Peru on development and exportation and sales of product.  We worked on seed collection, farming operations, product development, packaging and labels, exportation and sales development in the USA and abroad.  Our Inca Flame product won top prize at the 1998 Fiery Foods Festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  (view)

Uruguay - TJP worked for the Uruguay Siglo 2000 Agricultural Export Foundation to explore opportunities for Uruguayan farm products in North America.  

Venezuela - TJP promoted California walnuts in Venezuela setting up import contacts, and promotional activities.

Copyright 2002

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