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TJPMD making history!

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Company News:

  •   February 17, 2007!  All we can say is Congratulations!  It is about time and we are with you 150 percent!!!  We celebrate with you today and toast the new beginning!  Count on TJP before, now and in the future!  Free Kosovo forever!  We are happy for you and pledge our support and assistance as always!  The spirit of Thomas Paine is with you!
  • December 2006.  Uzbek Poetry Collaboration.  We are delighted to report that the first version of Sonnets from Uzbek poet  Akbar Aliev has been published and is available through this web site.  It contains 22 sonnets and is in Uzbek language and will be translated to English in the neat future.
  • October 2003.  TJP conducts China Blueberry Research and Recon.  TJP worked with staff of Jilin Agricultural University in Changchun on a visit to the Chinese blueberry growing region.  Included a lecture at the University and visits to growing regions throughout the Jilin and Liaoning provinces as well as the Korean Autonomous Region.  
  • September 2003.  TJP facilitates dried fruit Seminar, Budapest, Prague.  In cooperation with the USDA, TJP presented a seminar on new developments in the food industry for participants form throughout Central Europe.  
  • September 2003.  TJP Sr. Building dedicated at Don Bosco School for Boys, Chennai, India.  
  • Nov 2002.  Return to Hermit Kingdom's Back Gate!  While many visitors stand at the vista center of the DMZ between the two Koreas -- TJP takes a closer look at the other side of the DPRK (North Korea).  During a recent marketing mission for the Raisin Administrative Committee (RAC) of California, TJP traveled to the border city of Dandong on the Yalu River to visit old friends and assess potential trade.  (caption: Korean/Chinese  language billboard, Dandong Customs House.)
  • Oct 2002.  The Road Around Kosovo!  The war is over and it is time to re-build!  TJP is working with the Kosovo Business Services (KBS), Pristina, Kosovo (A USAID program) to help re-build the region's food industry.  This involves identification of unique specialty food products for the domestic and export markets.  TJP recently traveled all over the war torn region meeting with villagers, gathers and processors of items including: wild mushrooms, juniper berries, medicinal herbs, honey and native berries!  Now the hard work begins: find markets!  Read all about it!  (story(photo caption: Village on Albanian frontier high above the region of Dragash. Note the Minaret in background.)
  • Sept 2002. Return to Cuba.  It has been 40 years since Americans have been allowed to do business with our neighbors in Cuba.  TJP is working with the California Raisin Marketing Board to travel to Cuba for the first U.S. Food & Agribusiness Exhibition in Havana September 26-30.  Read about it in the Business Section of the Fresno Bee, September 5, 2002.  (view)
  • Sept 2002.  Baltic Activity Launched.  TJP was one of the first US companies to operate in Estonia back in Soviet times, during the transition to democracy and after.  Now the company is leading an initiative by the California raisin growers to enter this market.  In September 18, TJP will lead a trade team to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to meet with importers, wholesalers and the trade.  
  • July 2002.  TJP publishes publishes marketing chapter in A Treatise on Raisin Production, Processing and Marketing.  An expert is someone form out of town carrying a clipboard and a hammer!  Tom just completed writing the marketing chapter on raisins in Professor Vince Petrucci of Fresno State University's  new compendium on raisins.  Hard to believe but there are more than 250 pages on raisins including cool maps and production photos.  Tom wrote chapter 14, a review of all of the many ways that raisins are used in the food processing industry in the USA and around the world.  
  • June 2002. TJPMD orchestrates Icelandic Advertising Campaign for Blueberry Council.  Thanks in part to our promotions, Iceland is now the third leading export market for fresh blueberries in the world.  This summer we are running advertisements in the daily newspapers and magazines in this island nation of 300,000.  View our ads at: 
  • June 2002.  TJPMD launches Taiwan ad campaign for Blueberry Council.  Four new health oriented advertorials were designed and published in woman's health and nutrition magazines in Taiwan this summer and will continue into the Fall. The ads emphasize antioxidants and anti aging benefits of blueberry consumption.  A separate ad also ran in produce magazines to announce the arrival of fresh blueberries to Taiwan.  (view)
  • June 2002.  TJPMD launches Japanese trade ads for Blueberry Council.  
    We are launching a new advertisement in Japanese produce magazines announcing the arrival of fresh blueberries in Japan.  The campaign is also bolstered by a campaign to food processing magazines that show the goodness of blueberries in manufactured food products. 
  • May 2002. TJPMD Deployed to Afghanistan.  TJPMD has received a contract to assist the US-AID and the Central Asian Development Group in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan working on the cotton sector in opium eradication activities.  View our project web: 
  • May, 2002. TJPMD Active in Military Sector.  TJPMD represented client California raisins at the US Research and Development Associates, the trade association for the US Military feeding programs.  We introduced innovative energy bars designed for long range warfare.  
  • May 2002. TJPMD Orchestrates Philippine and Singaporean Seminars.  TJPMD worked on behalf of the Raisin Administrative Committee to being chefs from the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York to Manila and Singapore for seminar demonstrations.  They were a big hit! 
  • April 2002.  TJPMD Returns to Central Europe.  TJPMD was a pioneer in marketing California raisins into Central Europe in the pre and post communistic era.  We are now returning and have recently completed a recon activity in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.  We conducted meetings with the trade and importers along with our old friends in the field who will be coordinating upcoming activities.   


Press Coverage:

  • Return to Cuba.  Fresno Bee, September 5, 2002.  Describes TJPs re-entry to the Cuban market for the California Raisin growers. (view )
  • TJP featured in June 2001 Business Week - Asian Edition.  A chance encounter with an American Journalist stationed in Vladivostok, Russian Far East resulted in a cool story about TJP business in the Hermit Kingdom.  The article described our company as a firm that specializes in advising companies on entry into tough markets."  Also quoted my good friend Michael Sun who sells everything from "Screaming Bat" electric fans from China to Harley Davidson motorcycles from the USA to the elite of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, also known as North Korea.   TJP is curently researching the profesional wrestling traditions of North Korea, and will post at a later date!
  • TP's Views on North Korea featured in US Military Newspaper.  Read what the US Military newspaper "Stars and Stripes" has to say about Tom Payne's pioneering work in the Worker's Paradise in an article titled: A Rare Look at a Secretive Nation.  (Adobe pdf.) Note the contrast between the folks who are considering "studying the market," and they guy who has already done it!!!  Sorry Great Leader Junior, no disrespect intended -- have a happy birthday and enjoy the upcoming Wrestlemania 2000!  1/28/2000
  • TP featured on BBC World Service.  Listeners around the world heard an interview by Tom Payne on traditions associated with walnuts.  Tom shared the waves with experts in China, Azerbaijan and Iran.  The broadcast can be accessed at:  1/27/00

TJPMD Profiles  

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