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Case Study: Pioneering New Markets! Eastern Europe

We Were There Before the Wall Came Down

Back in 1986, the idea of marketing products to communistic Eastern Europe was out of the question. TJP quietly slid into the region and began conducting research and market development campaigns for clients in Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia (today the Czech Republic and Slovakia).

TJP recognized that the old system would not last forever and began working with the new entrepreneurial traders, and bakeries in the region. TJP provided training on importation and showed entrepreneurs in the food industry how to utilize high value agricultural commodities. TJP conducted some of the first promotions allowed in the region including seminars, television advertising, and editorials. Our clients gained because they were already established in the region after the change of governments. The people of Eastern Europe benefited as well, garnering good trade and business contacts with the west. Today clients, such as the California raisin industry, continue to ship agricultural products to the region. The market is growing still.



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