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Thomas J. Payne Market Development


Thomas J. Payne Market Development (TJP)

A consulting firm which specializes in the food industry.

We were founded in 1986 by Tom Payne, who sought to bring a level of energy and dedication to the business to business side of consulting and marketing.  Initially, the Firm was called Thomas J. Payne & Associates.

The philosophy behind TJP's business is to: merge the disciplines of Food Science, Marketing and Communications, to help clients achieve objectives.

Our first client was the California Raisin Advisory board (CALRAB), and they turned to us to help move a mountain of raisins facing the industry after a bumper harvest. Hit this bar to see our case study:

Food Science: TJP  studied the raisin from a scientific side and found reasons why California raisins helped improve product attributes.  For example, the organic acids of the raisin extended the shelf life of breads, reduced the need for salt and preservatives.

Marketing:  TJP used his marketing expertise to study the various components of the baking industry and discovered the bakeries everywhere were looking to remove artificial preservatives and additives.

Communications: TJP communicated the messages through credible sources such as bakery magazines, baking schools and with one on one meetings with the research and development staffs of the world.

Evaluation:  With two years, bakeries everywhere were using California raisin in hundreds of new products.  And the Word Spread. And, a company was launched.

Today, TJP is still a small and specialized company by design.  We continue to work especially in the food industry, but have a stable steady group of clients which has grown each year

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In addition, Our clients have helped us move overseas as well, and TJP has conducted marketing activities in more than 50 Countries worldwide.  We have special expertise in China, East Europe, and Africa.

Case Studies:

Company Structure:   We work as a tight knit team, of four different units, with specialties in the marketing discipline:  Visit these pages to see what is going           on in their worlds!

            Our home office where Tom Payne resides.

            Our office in the heart of the nation's food industry!

            Our international consulting group at home worldwide.

            Our gang of ten in China!



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