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Thomas J. Payne Market Development

TJP is a specialized consulting firm in the food industry.  

Thomas J. Payne Market Development (TJP) is a California based owner-managed consulting company which focuses on the food industry. The company develops industrial markets for food products and ingredients. TJP brings together food research, marketing and communications professionals. Through this unique approach TJP serves clients worldwide.

Research    Documentation     Demonstration    Communication     Evaluation

Litebulb.wmf (3230 bytes) Research & Planning

TJP works to discern the real market situation. We conduct formal primary and secondary research on the real market situation, talking to experts and putting g the situation into clear focus for the client.  We develop sound marketing plans that follow the research and address constraints and exploit opportunities.

  • Secondary Research
  • Market Research
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Marketing Consulting

newsppr1.wmf (1332 bytes)Documentation

TJP documents complex product characteristics in brochures, newsletters, and web pages. These documents explain the benefits of a product and help differentiate and give products a competitive advantage.  Because offer food science specialty, we are able to do this with a minimum of learning curve, and a clear understanding of your products characteristics.

  • Technical brochures
  • Product Specifications
  • Documentation of product advantages
  • Sales literature

seminar.wmf (3600 bytes)Demonstration

TJP shows your product to the potential customer and industry in a most powerful and appropriate manner.  We arrange and represents clients at trade shows and conventions in the United States and abroad. We work with the client to target the message. TJP takes care of logistics and uses qualified personnel who know how to get the message across.

  • Seminars
  • Trade Shows
  • Prototype development

worldweb.wmf (3336 bytes)Communications

TJP works to communicate your message to the the most appropriate target audiences.  We draft technical and general articles, publicity, design publications and internet pages.  In short, we work to get your message out, and get momentum for your product!  TJP gets the product message to the trade media. We know editors and how to write materials that editors want. We handle photos, editorial relations, and publication requirements. TJP also develops and places trade ads for clients in key publications.

  • Technical articles/trade publicity
  • Brochures
  • Direct mailings/newsletters
  • Internet Pages

profit11.wmf (1080 bytes)Evaluation/Consulting  

TJP staff are experienced in the USA and world food marketing systems. We work to find the right solutions and approach to the market place. We have thousands of contacts in the food industry and can introduce firms to the right partners, and potential customers.  We evaluate our programs based on sound research methodology.  Our programs work, and we show you proof!


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