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Thomas J. Payne Market Development

TJP operates an office in Madison, Wisconsin, managed by David Ropa, Vice President.   Dave has been with our company for the past ten years, and specializes in serving our clients in this major food industry city in America's heartland.

Key Benefits

  • Located close to the food industry
  • Editorial contacts with American trade publications
  • Experienced with the US food industry Research and Development Systems.


TJP-Chicago specializes on works in the $500 Billion USD food industry.  We know the players in the industry, the presidents, research and development directors and buyers.  From our Chicago location, we can give you a read on the industry and accelerate your market entry and acce3ptance in the food industry.

Capability 1
Editorial Contacts. Contact TJP-Chicago for direct access and action with the major food trade editors in the area.  We set up meetings, introduce your product and work to fulfill information requests.
Capability 2
Company Meetings.  We rapidly work with our contacts in the food industry to set up meetings and introductions for your product with research development and buyers.  This can cut years off of your product introduction process.
Capability 3
Research.  TJP DC is extremely skilled at the implementation and project management of research projects for clients through Universities and other research institutions.
Promotional Activities.  Like TJP-SF, TJP-Chicago also conducts a full spectrum of industrial promotional activities including:
  • Publications
  • Publicity
  • Trade Show representation
  • Technical publications, newsletters and documentation

Reference Accounts

Reference 1
National Honey Board, USA. TJP-Chicago  serves as the market development consultant for the group's food industry promotions.
Reference 2
California Raisin Administrative Committee. TJP-Chicago assists the California Raisin growers with marketing activities in England and Scandinavia.
Reference 3
Indian Snack Food Manufacturers Association.  We are doing product introduction work for Indian snacks in the USA and Europe.

Talk to Dave Ropa:  mailto:dropa@tjpdc.com

See the TJP-Chicago Web Site for more information: http://www.tjpdc.com



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