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To Vivaldi

To Antonio Vivaldi, to his composition" The seasons of a year' Sowing holy profit on the bosom of winter white

Impending noble forbearance to rebernous spring light

Putting reliability on the spirit of summer bright

In golden autumn's heart discovering satisfaction

The river of life streams in human history's heart,

It's move is an experience, it's aim is perfection.


Every sense songs as a nightingale in it's tongue'

So to a holy heart many languages belong.

In love's language if a sense sings a song

Divested hearts give up their wrong.

Healthy senses are treasures of the heart

Mute feelings as slaves roam all along;

if savage senses glance with hostile eye

Heart's desire is to keep the spirit high.

if the heart discovers the gospel truth's law

Senses admit the justice as a miracle door'

To epoch's heart if the reason finds the way

The sentences of prophecy the tongues always say.

In the tongues of hearts the kindness is alive

As a wonderful music to be listened to all life.

A Word

Stronger than all disasters the charms of a word

it inspires motherly love and all the world

hi it's right time and right place if the word is said

A jewel finds on the ringlet wisdom it's place.

To Heredotes

If the history is locked , the discovery is in silence

The past is the single key to the future

And who feels the breath of the ancient past

He makes the history give birth to the flitter.


It is an eternal ruler on the ancient crown

To it's tastes honesty and remorse are unknown

It is young forever, and it's ages are stolen

From the commencement it accompanies the all human

On it's perfectly rimmed lips are ironic smile

But a pot replaces it's heart, it is full of bile.

Turning into a lust plunders on highways at night

With the eyes of authority it looks at so bright

So it's golden cages is every fools dream,

And ways it passed by are full of skulls.

If every generation sucking of the goodness' chest

In labor and in creation obtains true conclusion

Then who worship the falsity as an idle goddess

Will look for success on the desert of illusion.

To Balzac

An are not worth of vital probation.

It's weight and scales holy, the life is it's remuneration

It's persecution is steadfastness, it's demand is consideration.

It's design is education, and it's praise is a punishment.

To Attar

[Middle Ages, Persian poet and a philosopher]

if the fate does not share it's generosity with you

if the environment is sick and the life is greedy to you

Seek after the lesson of kind every evil

And evil ima~g itself as well fulfills your will.

To Pushkin

if love as the sun in life's flower garden

Gives miracle happiness to a bud every moment

In poetry writing happy heart's account

By the order of the moment to dye is a holy omen.

To Isokrates

Turn your reason into a bow

Turn your thoughts into an arrow

Turn the world into a target so

And create a bright tomorrow without sorrow.

To Socrates

Iii youth's opinion the life is an eternity

In old age's opinion it is an equality.

In your young years limit the eternity

And every limit will create eternal equality.

To Hugoe

If the hatred denies measure's power

It turns into betrayer to friends, and aid to foe

If it drinks love's wine from the spring of measure

It turns into shield for will, gives might to mind.

To Ovidy

To learn from a foe is a twin luck

Every lesson awakens love to the foe.

And every lesson brings twin treasures

You found friendship, and your feelings are mellow.

To Aristotle

Like an ant who uneasily acquires knowledge

Under his knowledge's light many mainland's are bright

And who hides his heart from knowledge's light

He is the single ruler in the wild of night.

To Mendel

The mystery of hereditary is tiny and great

It always consists of life and fate.

If its key could be found, it'll bring a luck

If the mystery isn't desifed, luck remains under lock.

To Mashiab

[an Uzbek poet, 17-18 centuries]

If the tongue sang the evil's song once

It can not stop and sings twice.

Through the tongue envy corrupts the heart

And it's venom kills every good in bud.


A slim body bent under the envy's tyranny

The body is a bow, the face is straw color

He was walking his last way to a cemetery

By chance he met Lookman, the latter said:

Name your disease, I'll make up the medicine to it.

Staring at Lookman Envy gave freedom to it's tongue:

Oh, do not ask about it, it is incurable forever

My eyes having seen your slim body it makes uproar.

The moment created the simple truth to sir Lookman:

I am Looknan you are the Envy-my old rival

Be loyal to simple truth and call yourself with your name

The sincerity is your single savior from the death.

Though to call the truth by it's name was so hard

The Envy managed to call himself by his name, oh Lord!

A miracle happened, the body obtained it's youth.

Sir Lookman concluded the meeting with serious brow:

Try to make your heart cry for others' sorrow

Try to make it share from others' happiness as borrow

It will put the Envy to death and make your feelings mellow.

The song of a nightingale

The spring is passing by and my moans do not stop it

My fourteen is indifferent to me, my tears do not disturb it.

To fly and catch it, but my wings have not the might

To share my feelings with the bud, but the time is night.

My songs are always with me, let my heart just say

Or sing it's feelings to the breeze and let it calmly take them away.

If I begin my song at sunset, the dawn does not come while I sing,

If I begin my song at dawn, the sun does not come while I sing.


A fathomless treasure imbights the ray and radiate

And treasury hearts do not confess sorrows.

Oh heart, you are my treasure, you are crying why?

Is the drakes ruling over the light?

Under savage hooves, sorry, I thrown you,

At the schools of wildness I brought up you

Wild hooves and fangs left scars on you

And every scar's price is a treasure of thousand trunk

Stop crying for a while, and listen to the tongue

When it barks as a dog, all dogs are disgraced,

When it growls as a beast, all beasts are chased

Enough, what is the use of weeping oh my heart!

In the polyphonic world every sound is a treasure.

To an angel of inspiration

When the hearts of mothers are scratched by moan

When the reason and spirit are captured by sorrow

When the grudge thrusts the heart with a sharp dagger

Be my hearty friend and talk to my heart

Prove your worth creating the art of kindness.

You are my proud, my song and hearty strings

You are the heat of my heart and the rays of my eyes

You are my might, my hate, my joy and my adoration

You are the bright light on the path of my life.

Let us breathe together' unit our hearts all life long,

Then step together to the eternity, to it's empire belong.

To a dancing girl

On the rays of colors dances butterfly

Over the roses it flies with care and alert

With delicate wings expressing subtle shy

Hiding submissiveness in smooth fly

Bearing myths about the world young and bright.

As if making day command over the night

Words obtaining wings make the heart fly

And the rainbow of feelings cover the sky.

Thee dancing in the world gardens never dye

Give my message to the flowers, be high

Let the world reborn, bury the lye

I watched flowers' life much and long

Planted colorful flowers, sang them song

But all of them faded soon and forever

Adorning my heart's garden never.

Tell me the stories and secrets of your dance

Make sacred feelings of my heart glance

Let them make with eternity friends

Give wings to wishes, give them chance

You give names to them, save and take care

Let them in the lives garden be forever dear.

The song of a rose

My free heart is full of love of spirit

A pare of lips are the brims of a passionate goblet.

With ardent feelings my lips are scarlet

They are begging for love's wine, asking to meet

Do press your burning lips to mine

And drink the wine of love, let the intimacy born.

Saying unbloomy fading is the permanent fortune

Courting winds torn my breast at the down

They terbed my senses, make my heart tremble of fright

The unhealthy spirit will kill me one night.

My every pit is a chapter of faithful book

Lips are to lips, heart is to heart, forever together

Let the eternity and our appointment separate never

Do give to my heart with a tender look.

The End...

Tom's Notes: I have highlighted a few words in maroon, as they are not English, but were presented in Akbar's translation.  Akbar has promised translations of six more Uzbek poems next month. mailto:thomaspayne@msn.com

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