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Mr. Shaullis, Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc. Panagra.      Mr. Rahmatullah    Thomas J. Payne

Steven Shaullis,  Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc

Formed in 1993 in Florida, USA for the purpose of agricultural trading activities worldwide.  Developed one of the first US joint-venture companies in Uzbekistan in early 1995.  Established strong sales and procurement activities in Easter Europe and the Former Soviet Union.  Active in the trade of agricultural products including grains, pulses, dried fruits, nuts, and processed foods.  Currently sourcing products from more than 20 countries, and marketing in several areas of Europe, Asia, and the USA.  Active also in the trade of organic food products.  Imports for its own account to the USA, as well as acting as a Broker or trader.

 Involved in Uzbekistan since 1994, and Afghanistan since 1996, Neptune has been unique among USA companies in terms of its understanding of how to do business in  Central Asia, managing the complexities of procurement, logistics, and quality control of exported products from this region.  Neptune has pioneered the export of many products from this area, and has been the leading importer of dried fruits from Afghanistan to the USA during 1997-1999. 

Neptune retains key management staff from Kandahar, who are temporarily based in Quetta at this time.  Our local manager, Mr. Rahmatullah, has more than 12 years experience with Mercy Corps International, and has been closely involved with development activities all over Afghanistan, including crop substitution, agricultural surveys, infrastructure development, and disaster relief. 

 Panagra Trading Pte. Ltd.

Incorporated in 2001 in Singapore.  Established as a centrally located Asia-based company, active in procurement of various agricultural products from more than 15 countries in the Pacific Rim and Central Asia.  Involved in the development of a multiple-country organic certification program in Asia for dried fruits, nuts, and spices.  Has obtained organic status for projects in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar, with further organic programs in various stages of development in Vietnam and Pakistan.  Panagra is a licensee of Skal, a Netherlands-based organic certification agency.  Marketing products in the USA and Europe, as well as participating in inter-Asia trade.  

Panagra Trading will make major efforts in Afghanistan and Central Asian FSU Republics in the coming years.  Using its location in the crossroads of Southeast Asia, Panagra will establish markets for Afghan and Uzbek agricultural products and processed foods in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region.  The company will make an attempt to develop certified organic programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  

Panagra Trading has good contacts with Asian suppliers of agricultural staples, and is uniquely placed to assist in the delivery of foodstuffs from low-cost origins to Afghanistan.  Our experience with sourcing of grains and pulses from China, Myanmar, Indonesia, and other countries, combined with knowledge of the logistical chain for delivering product to Afghanistan and beyond to Central Asia, puts the company in a very good position to manage deliveries of disaster relief to the region.


Name:                        Rahmatullah
Father Name:             Baridad
Mother Tongue:         Pashtu
Date of Birth:             December 10, 1958
Place of Birth:            Kandahar Province, Afghanistan
Present Address:        House No. 207 Street/J Block/4 Satellite town Quetta Pakistan.
Permanent Address:   House No. 3123  Street Deh Khowaja Section 5 of Kandahar
                                   City, Afghanistan
1997-Present:  Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc. & Panagra Trading Pte. Ltd.:  Country Manager

Started as part-time consultant, and later became Country Director for Mr. Steven Shaulis, President of Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc. of the USA.  Personally supervised all aspects of dried fruit procurement from Afghanistan, including purchase of raw fruit, processing & packaging, Customs operations, transport, and delivery to the port of Karachi, Pakistan.  Oversaw all quality aspects and worked with Mr. Shaulis to develop suitable internationally accepted quality of dried fruits, including raisins, apricots, figs, and almonds.  During 1999, when economic sanctions were placed against Taliban-controlled areas of Afghanistan, I oversaw the establishment of new supplies from Opposition controlled regions, and the subsequent safe transport of goods out of the country.  Together we have identified further opportunities for export of Afghan agricultural products, and I am continuing now full-time as Country Director for Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc.

During the reconstruction of Afghanistan, we plan to participate in emergency relief, agricultural, and infrastructure projects, both as Consultants and business participants.

 1997-2001 Mercy Corps International:  Program Director for Pakistan and   Afghanistan
 Managed rehabilitation and development work in Afghanistan in the fields of agriculture, engineering and infrastructure.  Performed veterinary, medical, and emergency work for Afghan refugees in Pakistan.  From 1997-2001 Program Director in MCI Quetta, Pakistan Office .
From March 2001 till end of October 2001, worked as Assistant for MCI Afghanistan program in Afghanistan based in Kandahar, until the program was closed due to the war.

1990-1997 Mercy Corps International:  Division head for Agriculture for Southern Afghanistan
Main duties:

 1989-1990:  Mercy Corps International:  Regional Manager for Southwest Afghanistan
Regional coordinator for Multiplication of improved wheat and maize seed and distribution in the six provinces of the country.

1988-1989:  Mercy Corps International:  Area coordinator fro Zabul & Kandahar

Direct manager responsible for three major projects in Zabul and Kandahar provinces:
                                 Rehabilitation of Irrigation systems
                                 Distribution of improved verity of wheat seed and fertilizers.
                                 Control of pests and plant diseases in orchards.

Worked for Mercy Corps International as Area Coordinator in Zabul Province.

1982-1987:  Afghan Fertilizer & Agricultural Service Co.:  Deputy Manager for
Southwest Afghanistan  (Kandahar, Helmand, Zabul, Urozgan, Nimroz Provinces)
        Based in Kandahar, Afghanistan:

        Main duties:
Supply and distribution of pesticide, veterinary medicines, fertilizer, and improved Wheat Seed to farmers in the five provinces of Southwest Afghanistan for the Government-run agricultural services company.  Intensive development of extension systems in rural areas of the country, assisting farmers in all areas of cultivation and livestock management.
Subsequently became refugee to Pakistan in the end of 1987, due to the deterioration of the security in the region.

1978-1982:  B.Sc.  Faculty of Agriculture Kabul University:  Plant Science
1965-1977:  F.Sc.  Aboruehan Albiruni High School Kandahar Province

a. Pashtu
b. Dari (Persian)
c. English
a. Computer:  Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Spreadsheet, etc.
b. Transport & Logistics
c. Codan Radio

 Work Experience:
My experience is in choosing suitable alternative crops for opium in Southwest Afghanistan, and working with producers to improve quality of Afghan agricultural products.  I have managed projects including the drying of Raisins, Apricots, and other fruit under internationally accepted methods, marketing of agricultural products, production and multiplication of improved seed varieties for cereal crops, fruits, and vegetables, and establishment of fruit tree nursery orchards (trellises system for vineyards and distance for different types of fruit trees).  Programs under my direct management have included irrigation projects, promotion of safe and locally made pesticide usage, and replacement of Poppy crops with viable alternatives.  In future we plan to work on organic fruit production in Afghanistan, training of extension workers and farmers for new agriculture methods, and improvement of food processing facilities.

1)  Mr. Tom Brown: Former country director for Mercy Corps International in Quetta, Pakistan from 1992-1998.  Also former project manager for Agha Khan Rural Support Program in Gilgit, Pakistan from 1998-2001.

Telephone No. (316)684-3807  USA
2)  Mr. Dick Scott:  Prior project manager for the Opium Eradication Project funded by INL.
e-mail address      
3)  Mr. Steven Shaulis:  President, Neptune Agricultural Group, Inc., USA.  Company Director, Panagra Trading Pte. Ltd., Singapore.  Private businessman importing agricultural products from Afghanistan.

e-mail address:


Thomas J. Payne 

Payne is a experienced marketer with more than 15 years in the business.  He has worked on market development and aid projects in more than 50 countries around the  world and specializes in the tough spots around the world including: Honduras, Mozambique, North Korea and other areas.  He has worked for US Aid projects as well as World Bank and other organizations.