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wpe58.jpg (14247 bytes)Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens! The Lion of Sowetto will growl forever!   Check out Tom's favorite place for the latest in Africal music.  Ridio Golfe, Coutonou, Benin: http://www.eit.bj/golfefm.htm

  • Pre - Gold Rush California Historyhttp://www.ca-missions.org/  
  • Illegal Bottom Feeding Toxic Dried Fish from India!  Save the Bombay Ducks.  http://www.bombay-duck.co.uk/  How dare the EC ban this Goan delicacy even if they smell horrible!  Check out this site and sign the petition to save the Bombay Duck!
  • Weird Colonial Holdings that do not make sense!  I have seen British mailboxes in North China, ruins of New Sweden in Philadelphia and now check out the remnants of Danish East India!  http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Styx/6497/
  • Urban Beekeeping.  Everyone has a right to be a public nuisance!  Tom operates his urban beekeeping Public Nuisance Apiary and honey production on the San Francisco Peninsula.  Due to a slight misunderstanding with a few of his neighbors, this year's crop activity has paused.  (swarm overran a neighbor's outdoor cocktail party!   My favorite Bee Culture Web Site! http://bee.airoot.com/beeculture/index.htm





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