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Thomas J. Payne Market Development

FY 2000/01    FY 99/00

FY 2000/01 Activities

Item Description Activity %
1. Funding Research & Development


>TJP provided document outlining various funding sources.

>TJP made contacts with USDA FAS to determine steps for application process.




2. Web site assistance, nutraceuticals, lit review.


>TJP reviews literature monthly, sends new citations to ORBC

>Posts interesting info on web for linkage to ORBC.

>TJP Translating berry info into Mandarin, Japanese.



3. Technical Article. >Dr. Leslie Wada is writing article on berry nutraceuticals from research study. 25%
4. Bakery Article



Master Baker Bob Borowski, drafting bakery article for publication including formulas and tips. 25%


5. Natural Foods Products Expo.  (Attendance and representation)


TJP registered to attend March show and meet with nutraceutical manufacturers. 10%


6. Bakery School Activity


>LEsson plan being updated and converted into pdf.

>Berries sent to AIB for pie labs.



7. Specialty foods show.  (attendance) >TJP registered and will attend Fancy Foods show to identify berry users and potentials. 50%


8. Market Monitor, (New product report)


>TJP compiling list of new products and will post on the web.  (view) 25%


9. FOODEX Show - Japan

(Show Details)

(Travel Information)

US Supervision - Tom Payne, TJPMD. 650-340-8563 (direct) tpayne@tjpmd.com 

On-site Coordination: Yoshizo Nagahama, Asahi Agency, Tokyo.  nagahama@asahi-ag.co.jp



>TJP registered Oregon Berries for both.  (complete)

>Nutraceutical info being translated in Japan.  (25% complete)

>Contracted with Japanese firm to staff booth, translate, make on site preparations and arrangements.  

>Arranged for three media interviews during the show.

>Press kit being developed.

>TJP drew outline of booth and requirements.  



Report forthcoming.

May 16-18, 2001 

Show Web Site: Includes all information on show.   http://www.ejkrause.com/ifiajapan/  

>Show Organization,  EJ >>Krausse, USA  attn: Fred HArt.  6550 Rock Spring Drive, Suite 500, Bethesda, MD  20817.  tel: 301-493-5500, ext. 352; e-mail: herman@ejkrause.com 

>>EJ Krausse & Associates - Japan, attn: Junko Sakurai, Show Manager; 011-81-3-5212-6091; e-mail: sakurai@ejkjapan.co.jp 

Oregon Berries Booth:  # 1509

(Booth Layout)

Supervision (prime Contractor)  by:  Thomas J. Payne Market Development, 865 Woodside Way, San Mateo, California 94401 USA, tel: 650-340-8563 (direct line) 650-219-9893 (cell) 650-240-8568 fax; e-mail: thomaspayne@msn.com

Japan side Coordination: Asahi Agency, Mr. Yoshizo Nakahama, Asahi Agency, No. 2 Takachicho Bldg., 2 F, 1-6-9, Shiba Daimon, Minato-Ku, Tokyo, Japan  105; tel: 81-3-3438-3361; fax: 81-3-3438-3672; e-mail: nagahama@asahi-ag.co.jp

Freight Forwarder for Show: Nippon Express Co., Ltd. Nihonbashi Air Service Branch, Contact: Mr. Katsumata, address: 7-1 Tomizawacho Nihonbashi, Cyuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0006 Japan; tel: 81-3-3662-9544; fax: 81-3-3249-0240.

Portland, Oregon Branch of Nippon Express: 8520 NE Alderwood Road, Portland, OR  97220; tel: 503-281-6100; fax: 503-281-8887

(Customs form)

Travel Arrangements: Official show travel bureau.  Japan Travel Bureau, Inc., International Travel Division, Contact: Mr. Takahashi, Adress: JTB Bldg., 2-3-11 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8604, Japan; tel: 011-81-3-5495-0681; fax: 011-81-3-5796-5446

(Travel form)  

Tom's recommended travel agency:  HNH Travel, Vickie Mak, 6676 Mission Street Suite E, Daly City, CA  94014, tel: 650-301-9888; 650-992-8345; e-mail: hnhi2000@aol.com; web: http://www.hnhi2000.com/ 




1/2 Booth fee paid Oregon Berries by: Berryworks.  Booth # 1509 US PAvillion.

Badges ordered from Show

Directory Listing requested.

Booth Decoration it tables etc. Storing posters and other materials to the booth = Asahi

Freezer, Smoothie materials and equipment  (1 display freezer, one functional freezer for smoothies, one off site storage freezer) (Ingredients for smoothies, implements , towels) = Asahi

Brochures (all materials trasnslated from Foodex in adequate supply for show) = Asahi

Products for display = TJP/Berryworks

Booth Staff, 2 Japanese speaking booth hands.  One professional.  = Asahi Agency.


11. Database Support. >TJP provided Excel file of companies and institutions involved in nutraceutical work.  (100% complete)

>TJP working with academics to develop list of antioxidant and other researchers.  (10%)




  Other Activities >Leslie Wada presented nutraceutical info to ORBC conference.  (100%)

>TJP researched the feasibility of Japan seminars.  (discontinued). 

>TJP provided names of Japanese suppliers of frozen fruit for Fodex.

>TJP presented information on program at ORBC meeting in Wilsonville, December 2000. (100%)


Nutraceutical Program - 99/2000

Program Description Status
1. Nutraceutical Development In progress
1.1 Secondary Research -  We have conducted literature reviews of caneberries in the food science and related fields.  From this we have selected citations which are valid and also ad information on characterizes and benefits.  This included a review by a Ph.D. food scientist in the USA of US and American literature; also a scan of Chinese and Asian Literature at the Wuxi Schoolof Light Industry in China the premiere food science institution of China.  This information is posted in progress at:  http://www.tjpmd.com/nutraceu.htm  100% complete
1.2 Testing of Berries -  We are working with Brunswick Laboratories in Massachusetts to do testing on all of the five different berries: red raspberries, black raspberries, evergreen blackberries, Marionberries and boysenberries..  We are testing for ORAC, Total phenolics, and anthocyanin along with ellagic acid, catechin, epicatechin, kaempferol, myricetin, quercetin, rutin, hydroxybenzoic acid, gallic acid, caffeic acid, coumaric acid, chlorogenic acid, ferulic acid.  We will also be testing for proanthocyanins and individual anthocyanins.  Information on Brunswick Laboratories can be viewed at: http://www.911lab.com/          100% Complete, (view)
1.3 Product Documentation TJP continually monitored new products and compiled a list of products containg Oegon Caneberries.    100% Complete   (View)    
  Meetings and other Activities
  • Results of the Nutraceutical were presented to the ORBC Nutraceutical Seminar  June 2000  (view)
  • TJP attended planning meetings with ORBC in Oregon.
  • TJP presented a paper on berry nutraceuticals at the Northwest Hort. Show, Jan, 2000.


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