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To the Poetry:

  • A collection of poems from Akbar Aliev, Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 1998

Greetings from the far off land of Uzbekistan, the terminus of the Silk Road.

This page is dedicated to my friend, Mr. Akbar Aliev, one of the premier poets in this ancient land.

Here is Akbar's Biography:

Akbar Aliev - a poet and a master of science.

Born in 1943 in Kashkadarya region, Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • In 1965, he graduated from the University of the World Languages in Tashkent with honored diploma.
  • In 1969-72 he carried on scientific research work on Literature of Western Europe,and America at the Saint -Petersburg ( Leningrad) University. (Tom's note: read between the lines and you will discern that he was yanked out of his home country to translate American writings supportive to the state!)
  • In 1972-75 was a post -graduate course student at the Saint-Petersburg University (Then Leningrad)
  • In 1976 defended the theses for master of science on the theme" The peculiarities of Mark Twain's creative evolution".  Tom's note: Akbar loves America and can recite lines from all of the important American authors.
  • He is a good command of English, Russian, Uzbek and almost all the languages of the Turkish group.  He understands Persian.

As a poet Akbar began ho write verses in 1975 and up to date he has written four manuscripts of poetry [novels in verses, poems, devotions and aphorisms], but they are not published yet because of the democratic spirit and independent touch all human problems in them.

One of his manuscripts is given by him to the Library of Congress of the USA as a gift in 1991[reference AG ( 65-L-7),rev-5/88].

He thinks that poetry gives a creative impulse to the evolution of human senses and mentality by bringing human feelings up.

Here you can get acquaintance with some of his lyrical verses and read some of his devotions, where he tries to bring to light the most important features of creative vision of historical persons in authorized translation from Uzbek.

By Akbar Aliev, 1997.

Tom's Note.  Akbar is one of the great intellectuals in Central Asia.  As you can imagine, this was not the chosen profession during Russian controlled communistic times.  He has given up prime jobs in the state to speak out in his poetry, and for most of his career has been seen as a Uzbek patriot and friend of free speech in this land of distant horizons.

In the future, I will obtain Akbar's poetry directly in Uzbek, and will also attempt to obtain his poetry verse in sound images.

Thank you for visiting this page.  Please help Akbar in his dream of spreading the word of Uzbek poetry.  All replies to this page will be forwarded to Akbar in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  He is not looking for money, but rather the joy of knowing that his visions of Uzbekistan are being appreciated around the world.


Tom Payne

Tom Payne

E-mail Akbar Aliev in Tashkent:  alsphmsonnets@yahoo.com 

To the Poetry!

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