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Case Study:  See a case study of TJP experience in East Europe.


Item Description Status Next Steps Est. Completion Date
1. Hungarian Videoteleconference
  • TJP arranged for a videoteleconference attended by key food processors from throughout Hungary. 


2. Hungarian Technical Brochure
  • TJP wrote, edited and translated a technical brochure into Hungarian for Rodger Wasson use in Hungary.
Complete Complete
3 Teleconference Follow-up
  • TJP/EN is assisting ABC with contacts and follow-up to the teleconference.
In progress January 1999
4. Foodapest Assistance
  • TJP/EN is assisting ABC with on site action for the Foodapest trade show.  We are preparing snack almonds for the show.
In progress January 1999


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